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Thousands of years ago, our ancestors helped human kind with the tools they built their Civilization with, Because our planet had advanced technologies that didn't even exist on Earth.


Throughout history … our ancestors interfered at the right time to help human kind. For example, in the period of the leaning tower of Pisa we proposed the idea of a sloping tower to be distinctive and unusual tower and it was.

Our assistance were not limited to only building and construction, but also to most great scientific achievements , for example, Einstein, there were two of his team from our planet.


The whole time we were watching the evolution of the earth, and with the passing of time we began to notice that the world is not in perfect balance and the West are way ahead of Arabs.

Now we decided to return to earth and our mission is to help the Arabs with technologies that makes them keep up with the West until the world get balanced back again.

To be continued ...

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